What Makes Our DreamTime Sleep Mask Different

Amy, Nancy and Michael, your former DreamTime team, will send out information to help you both with marketing and using your DreamTime products.  We want to help you be as successful as possible and share what others have shared with us over our 20 years working with thousands of spas and gift stores.


Many of us prioritize sleep more than we used to.  We understand the important health benefits of a good night’s sleep.  But, getting that restful sleep can obviously be challenging for so many reasons.


Our DreamTime Sleep Mask can help provide a perfect natural solution to help sleep peacefully and comfortably through the night.  First, our soft fabric and plush batting feels great to next to your face.  It is extremely comfortable and helps create a relaxing feeling. The strap can be adjusted for a perfect fit.


Secondly, our DreamTime Sleep Mask has blackout shades at the bottom of the mask.  What this does for you is it keeps light from getting in underneath the mask.  For those who sleep best with complete darkness, this mask is incredibly helpful both at home and on the road where a light free room can sometimes be challenging.


Last, our DreamTime Sleep Mask has real lavender flowers inside for soothing aromatherapy. And they are real crushed lavender flowers whose aromatherapy can last for years. To help bring out or reactivate our Sleep Mask’s aromatherapy, simply squeeze your mask and re-crush the flowers.


After a long stressful day, our DreamTime Sleep Mask can help you get the good night’s sleep you need.

To summarize, the key benefits of our DreamTime Sleep Mask are:

DreamTime Sleep Mask
  • We use an incredibly comfortable soft fabric, so it feels great next to your face.
  • We have an adjustable strap for a perfect fit.
  • We have blackout shades at the bottom to help prevent any light from seeping in underneath.
  • Our DreamTime Sleep Mask has real lavender flowers inside the mask for soothing relaxing aromatherapy that can last for years and years.
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