Vital Body Therapeutics Story

Jennifer and Kelly, founders of Vital Body Therapeutics, have spent their lives helping people manage their pain. They met 15 years ago to collaborate on a project to develop an advanced school for massage therapists. Along with their teachers, Marc Donahue and Brian Johnson, both Advanced Rolfers®, they created a curriculum that focused on relationship anatomy, fascial manipulation and the physiology of touch, with the goal to elevate the industry and prove the incredible value of intelligent bodywork to change people’s lives.


Their CBD product line was a natural extension of their core belief that movement, bodywork, and natural medicine are the keys to a healthy and pain-free life. Through the thoughtful application of CBD and bodywork, thousands of clients have reduced their need for pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgeries. This is a testament to the success and vision Jennifer and Kelly bring to the field of health and wellness. They remain inspired everyday by the overwhelming feedback from their staff and clients as to the power of CBD to decrease pain and inspire an active life.


Having spent 10 years formulating massage cream for their staff at their extraordinarily successful spa in Santa Cruz, the idea of creating CBD pain relief products didn’t seem possible. After developing the recipe, they had the distinct opportunity to try it in their spa and use the feedback of their massage therapists and clients to refine it to perfection.


They have since moved from the kitchen to the garage and now produce and manufacture in a 5000 square foot facility. They continue to do everything with integrity, never willing to sacrifice efficacy for profit.