CBD-Infused. All Natural. Low Calorie. Gluten Free.

Sparkling Beverages that taste great.

Sprig is committed to inspire and help you live in the moment, do the things you love, and “Smile More” by producing a delicious, refreshing CBD-infused beverage that you will want to drink again and again.


Quality. Consistency.
Every can carefully crafted.

Founded in 2015 in Newport Beach, California, Sprig uses pure, lab-tested hemp CBD sourced from licensed, sustainable U.S. farms. Sprig is produced at a regulated facility with over 50 years of beverage canning experience. Each batch of Sprig is lab-tested, both at the time it is made and over its 1-year shelf life to be certain it is free of impurities and that it contains the amount of CBD stated on the label.

Sprig Citrus
Sprig Variety