Our Story

At DreamTime Products, we are proud to offer you comprehensive health and wellness product lines to help relieve stress, soreness, and inflammation while providing comfort and relaxation.

From our original DreamTime and Spa Comforts brands to our newest offerings, Vital Body Therapeutics CBD body care products and tincture and Sprig CBD beverages, we continue to honor our commitment to provide you the premiere brands in the country.

From the real lavender flowers to our signature blend of cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus, our DreamTime and Spa Comforts brands only use natural aromatherapy and can last for many years. Our fabrics are soft, plush and beautiful and our sizes are perfectly designed to provide you the maximum benefit.

Our Vital Body Therapeutics offerings not only contain organically grown domestic CBD but an array of essential oils to provide incredible benefits. And it has a wonderful fragrance that appeals to both women and men. 

Our newest addition, Sprig beverages, uses the purest of manufacturing processes along with all-natural Stevia as it’s sweetener. They have a refreshing healthy taste.

Thank you for being part of your DreamTime Products family as we continue to expand to help you…do more, feel better… naturally.