Spa Comforts vs. DreamTime: What’s the Difference?

DreamTime vs. Spa Comforts: What's the Difference?

The Custom Solutions team; Amy, Michael and Nancy wanted to provide you some insights into the differences between our two brands and help you decide which is best for you and if you, like many of our customers, want to offer both.

DreamTime vs. Spa Comforts: What's the Difference?

DreamTime is our high-end premium line and we consider Spa Comforts our value priced line. Besides the cost variance between the two brands, the biggest differences are the following:

  • The material we use for making the DreamTime products is a higher end cotton blend with a thicker weight. Spa Comforts products are made from a polyblend and both are comfortable and soft to the touch.
  • The DreamTime Calming Crescent Shoulder Wrap and Warm Embrace Body Wrap are larger than their sister products in Spa Comforts: Shoulder Wrap and Body Wrap (formally Herbal Hug). Example: DreamTime Body Wrap measures 27” long and the Spa Comforts Body Wrap measures 17” long.
  • DreamTime Products are offered in a variety of colors while Spa Comforts products are offered in one color only.
  • DreamTime products are made with a removable washable cover for longer lasting results.

Which brand to carry may depend on your demographics.  Most of our customers carry our DreamTime brand.  Some carry both to give their customers two different options with significantly different price points.


The quality of our Spa Comforts brand is still extremely high. It is better than other high-end brands that can cost more than twice as much. For example, Spa Comforts, like DreamTime uses natural herbs to create its aromatherapy which can last for years and years.

Please contact us if we can help you determine which brand is best for you. You can reach Amy Hoppin at 831-345-6248. Please also share with us how you market and use our two brands as we’d love to hear your stories.

DreamTime vs. Spa Comforts: What's the Difference?
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