Increasing Retail Sales During a Pandemic

Increasing Retail Sales During a Pandemic

Increasing Retail Sales During  a Pandemic

Holiday sales are fast approaching and retail business is likely the hardest job right now to have during a world pandemic crisis. You have probably asked yourself how are you going to survive this? Now is the time to go back to basics, get creative and make sure you’re social! We have put together some pointers with proven tactics on increasing retail sales during tough economic times.


  1. Get Creative – Think about ways consumers are buying now, online sales have grown over 76% since Covid. If you haven’t already done so its time to move retail online! Reach out to your vendors for support. Your vendors should be able to supply you with images and product content that can be easily uploaded. Anotehr way to get creative is to make a holiday/special event. Don’t wait for Christmas or Mother’s Day to promote your business. How about Wisdom Wednesdays, Flash Back Friday, or Monster Monday!

  2. Go Back to Basics – One of the most fundamental rules in retail is customer first. Putting your customers first will mean they will want to continue to shop with you. Train your staff to engage in conversation, and make sure to ask your customers their name. Personal experience is a valuable selling tool. Have your staff use the products you have in retail and offer their own knowledge and experience with your products. Product choice is another basic in retail sales. Choose products with proven success and longevity. Eliminate out of stocks, make sure you have product on the shelves, if you have gaps in your displays it will look as if you are not successful. You can’t sell if you don’t have it!

  3. Be Social – Yes, we said it! Social media is important! Make sure you are updating your social media platforms at least 3 times a week. Having current operating hours and contact information is key. If you are offering curbside pick up or online sales, make sure you link that to each platform.

    Add images of your products and store. Customers will get to know you through your social media platforms. You can also create online games and promotions that will push customers to visit your store to redeem prizes!
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