Using Your DreamTime Products to Increase Sales

Using Your DreamTime Products to Increase Sales

The Custom Solutions team; Amy, Nancy and Michael want to share with you how our products can help you increase your sales and start conversations with your customers weather you’re managing a retail store or running a spa.

Using Your DreamTime Products to Increase Sales

Our DreamTime and Spa Comforts products are intended give people the opportunity to have a spa experience at home. To take care of themselves, reduce stress and live a more relaxed life.

If you are running a retail store, have a shoulder wrap heated up and wear it around while you help your customers. Better yet, offer a heated shoulder wrap to them as they walk around browsing products.

Just like at stores, spa’s who have offered a heated body wrap or shoulder wrap to their customers when they arrive have reported that their client experience increases, very much like offering healthy refreshments. Clients report that they feel like their treatment begins the moment they walk through the door.

Once customers are able to experience the products, they literally sell themselves, making increasing your retail sales easier. Additionally, they will remember when they are home using the product the wonderful experience they had in your store or spa.


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