Natural Herbs vs. Essential Oils. The Benefits of our Aromatherapy

Amy, Nancy and Michael, your former DreamTime team, explores the benefits of having natural herbs vs essential oils in our products and why natural herbs are superior.


Our aromatherapy is a 100% all-natural aromatherapy.  For example, our lavender aromatherapy is created by real crushed lavender flowers.  Our cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus aromatherapy blend is a combination of the actual herbs.


What is the benefit to you and your clients?  First, our products provide a true aromatherapy benefit whereas many products use synthetic fragrance.  We’ve actually purchased products claiming aromatherapy benefits and when we opened the packaging the scent had completely dissipated!


Second, using the real natural herbs in our blends allows for longevity of the aromatherapy.  We’ve had customers tell us that the aromatherapy has lasted in our products for over 10 years. When needing to refresh the herbs all you need to do is crush between your hands and the aroma scent will be released. With essential oils you will have to find a way to purchase the correct scent and actually drop oil onto your fabric, which can cause staining and an uneven concentration of scent.


Key Benefits of our Aromatherapy Include:

Natural Herbs vs Essential Oils
  • We use only natural plant herbs so you get true aromatherapy benefits.
  • Our aromatherapy can last for years, some customers have said it has lasted for over 10 years.
  • Our aromatherapy doesn’t dissipate quickly as can be the case with artificial fragrances and essential oils. Plus, if you apply essential oils to the fabric, it can damage it.
  • We offer a variety of aromatherapy options, so your client can choose the product and aromatherapy that best fits them.

If you are using our products in your spa treatments and therapy, even when using them repeatedly throughout the day, you will still find our aromatherapy lasts and lasts. To extend the life, we suggest you keep enough stock so you can let our products fully cool before you reheat them. That will help the herbs last longer. You can also reinvigorate the aromatherapy by squeezing our products as well.

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