Spa Services: Maximizing Your Client’s Pre-Treatment Using DreamTime Products

Amy, Nancy and Michael, your former DreamTime team, will send out information to help you both with marketing and using your DreamTime products.  We want to help you be as successful as possible and also share what others have shared with us over our 20 years working with thousands of spas and gift stores.


Spas have shared with us that, while clients are waiting for their spa service to begin, it can be a valuable time. They begin their pre-treatment by warming up a Calming Crescent Shoulder Wrap or Warm Embrace Body Wrap to help their client relax. As you know, clients often times come in stressed and tense, placing a DreamTime wrap on their shoulders while they wait helps them relax and begin to get in the right mindset for their treatment.


The penetrating moist heat of the Shoulder Wrap and Body Wrap help to loosen their sore tight muscles while the aromatherapy from the natural herbs provide additional sensory relaxation. This helps clients become more comfortable as well as make the therapist’s job easier once they start their treatment.


Plus, your client doesn’t just have to sit around if there is a delay in their appointment. Their treatment is actually extended and starts the minute they walk in.


As well, by offering this pre-treatment, they have found the likelihood of their client purchasing one of our products for themselves, friends or family go up dramatically. We have been told many times selling is not the favorite part of the therapist’s job. By using our Shoulder Wrap and Body Wrap as part of their client’s pre-treatment therapy, our products begin to sell themselves. It makes it easy for the therapist to have a conversation and suggest taking one home with them. Thus, increasing your retail revenue.


To summarize, from our customer’s feedback over the years, here are some of the keys to maximizing your client’s pre-treatment:

DreamTime Wrap
  • Start their service when they walk in the door. Get them comfortable and put a Shoulder Wrap and/or a Body Wrap around them.
  • Find out their greatest areas of soreness so our moist heat can help begin to relax their muscles, reduce their stress and make it easier for your therapist to complete their spa treatment.
  • Share with them about the natural aromatherapy designed to help them relax and reduce their stress.
  • Ask them how they liked the Shoulder Wrap and or Body Wrap. Comment on the difference you noticed it made for them. Suggest they purchase one to take home.
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