Marketing Your DreamTime Shoulder Wrap

In our last blog, we talked about how to use our Calming Crescent Shoulder Wrap and Warm Embrace Body Wrap for pre-treatments. In this blog Amy, Nancy and Michael, your former DreamTime team, will continue to share with you both what we’ve learned, and what our spas have shared with us, to help you in any way we can in using our products to help you with your services and increase your retail sales.


Here we will focus on our #1 best seller, Calming Crescent Shoulder Wrap. Unlike most Shoulder Wraps, the fill in ours is sewed into separate cells. That way the fill stays perfectly in place. In most Shoulder Wraps, the fill is loose and shifts so it constantly needs to be readjusted. As well, the fill typically isn’t sufficient. We fill ours to not only maximize the treatment but provide weight therapy to help relax and ease sore, tired muscles.


We also only use real herbs to create our aromatherapy.  Our Shoulder Wrap actually contains cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus.  As you know, our aromatherapy is incredible and evokes a feeling of being home for the holidays.


A huge benefit for your retail customers, who may use their Shoulder Wrap from once per day to a few times per week, is the aromatherapy lasts for years and years.  We’ve had customers tell us it has lasted them for over ten years!  Many others use either an oil or artificial fragrance which dissipates quickly.  Some products we have tested literally have no aromatherapy from the day you open the package.


As well, to reduce stress, help reduce tension and relax sore muscles our products are substantial in size covering the whole shoulder and providing weight therapy to help those muscles relax. Plus, our moist heat penetrates deep into the muscles to help take away the stress from the day.


Some of the Key Benefits of the DreamTime Calming Crescent Shoulder Wrap are:

DreamTime Calming Crescent Shoulder Wrap
  • Our Shoulder Wrap has built-in cells so the fill stays perfectly in place as opposed to shifting around as they do in so many other Shoulder Wraps.
  • Our soothing aromatherapy comes from all-natural herbs that can last for years and years as opposed to artificial fragrances and essential oils which can dissipate quickly.
  • Our Shoulder Wrap is larger and heavier than most shoulder wraps to provide both weight therapy and cover the entire affected area.
  • Our soft plush fabric is extremely comfortable next to your skin.
  • The efficacy of our Shoulder Wrap helps sell your customer on our product and makes it easier for you to help guide them to take one home for themselves.

These are just a few key benefits to share with your clients and customers. They will then know what kind of experience they can anticipate should they want to purchase one of the Shoulder Wraps for themselves.

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