Improving Your Sleep: DreamTime Sleep Mask

Amy, Nancy and Michael will share with you information about the industry and their products to help you both with selecting the products best for you and your massage and spa clients.


We have always prided ourselves in making the best possible products from comfort to ergonomics to stress and pain relief and feel you won’t find better hot, cold and aromatherapy options anywhere. This month we’ll talk about our DreamTime Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask.


It has been found that “blue light” omitted by electronics in our everyday life can reduce the production of melatonin and suppress delta brainwaves that educe sleep. An imbalance of melatonin can have disastrous effects from depression to shortened life span and even cancer. This is why healthy sleep is so important.


Our luxurious Sleep Mask is a perfect tool to assist in a healthy night’s sleep. It is uniquely designed to completely block out the light. There are black out shades at the base of the sleep mask, so light doesn’t slip in at the base of the mask.


Lavender flowers are sprinkled inside to provide an aura of comfort and calm. The soothing aromatherapy this Sleep Mask provides is so unique, helping you sleep more easily and gently.  And, our aromatherapy is all natural.  There are real lavender flowers inside.  We’ve had customers tell us our aromatherapy has lasted more than 10 years for them.


The Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask is the perfect travel companion for traversing time zones and easing jet lag.  Or use as an at home sleep solution aid for deep sleep, day or night.  This trim lightweight mask makes it easy and comfortable for sleep anywhere, at home or on the road.


For your clients who have sleeping issues or just prefer to sleep without any light or distractions, they will truly appreciate you sharing the benefits of our sleep mask. Plus, its soft fabric feels great next to your skin.


Key Benefits of the DreamTime Sleep Mask

DreamTime Sleep Mask
  • Its soft fabric feels great next to your skin for relaxing sleep
  • It has black out shades at the bottom of the mask to help prevent any light from seeping in underneath the mask
  • It contains real lavender flowers for natural aromatherapy to help you relax and provide more refreshing sleep
  • Our aromatherapy, since we use only natural herbs, can last for years and years as opposed to either artificial fragrances or essential oils that can dissipate quickly.
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