The DreamTime Body Wrap: What Makes It Special?

The DreamTime Body Wrap: What Makes It Special?

The Custom Solutions team: Amy, Nancy and Michael want to share with you information about our Warm Embrace Body Wrap for you to share with your clients and customers.

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Our Body Wrap is a substantial wrap that can be used for pain relief, and muscle relaxation anywhere on your body. It’s conformable and versatile shape makes it a very flexible item to use.


The Body Wrap contains our signature blend of cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus. It gives you a bit of a sensation of being home for the holidays. And as you know, we only use natural herbs so it actually contains real cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus. Because of that you not only get the true benefit, it can last for years and years. Many products use oils or synthetic fragrances which may not provide the same benefit and can dissipate quickly.

The fill is also substantial helping to both provide weight therapy to ease muscle tension and to help the fill stay in place. With many products, you have to constantly adjust the fill because there is so little fill in them.


Please share with us what you like about our Body Wrap.


To order our Warm Embrace Body Wrap and other DreamTime products, contact Amy Hoppin at 831-345-6248 or E-Mail her at

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